This is an experiment in form, in constraint. In March 2010, I blogged about the role of constraint in conceptual poetry. You can read that post here: "Tie it Up, Tie it Down" on Zapped Poetry.

What I hope to do here is to explore the limit of the template as a form, to investigate what sort of constraints it offers and how those constraints differ from, say, meter, rhyme and traditional forms such as the sonnet or sestina or villanelle.

To create my templates, I've co-opted an online program normally used for corporate marketing and research purposes: Survey Monkey. I'm interested in how the digital interface affects the writer's experience, how the concept of "play" factors in the experience, how the digital interface either expands the limits of the forms or speeds their ruptures, and any ways that the writer can subvert the form. And when is the form exhausted? And is filling in boxes in responses to prompts an act of writing poetry?

Currently, I have three templates available. Once a poem is completed, you have the option of allowing me to post your poem on this website, either attributed to you or anonymously. You also have the option of remaining completely anonymous. So please click on a template and write. Or play. Or break the form. Have fun. Create one poem or many. And if you'd like to email me comments about your experience or your thoughts regarding the experiment, you can contact me at mcbattiste__at__hotmail__dot__com.

Sorry, but the templates are currently closed.

Confessional Poems
The Dining Room Chair Confessional by Erin Costello
Wal-Mart Confessional by Erika M.
taxidermist confessional by anonymous
Shopper's Confessional by Daphne Schaal
Mrs. Electric + Confessional by Becky Jewell
Manhole Confessional by F
Wingnut "Confessional" by Brian Evans
Reefer Confessional by Amy Lemmon
The once forlorned staple image of a tree leaf by derrick
Backache Confessional by Michael Flatt
Food Confessional by Eileen Moehler
Deathbed Confessional by lacy
Hubris Confessional by R. Joyce Heon
Whole Wheat Confessional by Marcela
Ghost Confessional by LVPD
Window Confessional by Robert
The Lascivious Tongue by Beatmaker
Desert Confessional by Gabriel J. Kruis
Joan's Confessional by Glenn Werner
Boombox Confessional by Anonymous
Reliquary Confessional by ALDO
Solitare Confessional by Ann White
Cadillac Confessional by Redmayne
Funeral Confessional by Anonymous
Highway Confessional by Anonymous
Bad Roommate Confessional by Tina West
The Hank Snow Album Cover Confessional by Jeremy Balius
tell her sorry, but I can't make it. by dfsgsg
I won't come Wed. by dsafasdftomq
reporter, where are you reporter...I can't read these no more. by Camone Isleferrys
Mint Milano Cookie Confessional by GG NYC
for her daughter: by shanklikashin
reporter, tell somethings about yourself? by earl rice
Hitchhiker Confessional by Karen

Love Poems
Said by Anonymous
redirection by Anonymous
Supposition by Athena
Frustration by Anonymous
Cowabunga by Stuart Van Henkle
Circumcision by Kaethe
Ululation by Anonymous
Adjulation by Peter Zanzibar
Paces Oasis by Legion of Rejects - Todd S.
Designation by Erin Costello
apportionment by Kelly Dulaney
Management by Marita
Culmination by Anna Perleberg
Destruction by Ben Adam
Informant by Robert Bell
Remembrance of Pegasus by Alissa
Statement by Britt Gambino
Love Song to Sparrow Songs by Chandra E.A. Dickson
Reflection by Carrie
Invitation by Redmayne
Accusation by lacy
tell her to tell russel peters to send me an email and I'll let her read something new. 10 pg. new by grier
text message all who are in metal town, hell and tell them to come. by earl rice
tell her this: by earl rice
tell her: by earl rice
Tell her: by earl rice

Caught Calling by Ananonymous
caught hoping by Marty
Caught by Kelly Dulaney
Caught Looking by lacy
Caught Shucking by Ben Adam
Caught Dreaming by Darlene R. Heller
Caught Fasting by Erin Costello
Caught Hesitating by Glenn Werner
Caught Proposing by Christin
Caught Indulging by G
Caught Chewing My Nails by Anonymous
Caught Dreaming by Redmayne
You'll never be caught. by Abbas Bazzi
Tell Her: I'm going on the noon the pretty one speaks. by Nutro